The Deconstruction of Marie Antoinette

Author: Amanda Macleod |

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Last year I made a sugar sculpture for the decorative exhibit category of the Cake International Show.

I was completely immersed in making her and did not take pics as I went to show the process.

Marie has been sitting in my dining room since last April and I decided that, having received many questions about how I made her, it would be great to show you.

So I decided to make a series of videos to show the inner support structure and tips on some of the external decoration.… Read the full post

Edible Colour Comparison Test

Author: Amanda Macleod |

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Amongst the comments and questions on Facebook I noticed a few questions regarding new brands of colours on the market. Since there have been so many developments in products since I started making cakes (I am going back as far as when you could get yellow, blue, green and red liquid from the supermarket) I thought I would compare a few brands to see which I liked best and hopefully give you some helpful information regarding colours.

featured colours
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