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Audi Birthday Cake

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Audi Birthday Cake

This was one of the most challenging cakes so far and I did wonder if it wouldn’t just be easier to get a job at Tesco.

But as always when it was finished I was really pleased and it was all worth while.

It was made for a 40th Birthday celebration – don’t really need to point these things out to you when its written on the cake. Just like the sound of my own typing.

Audi Birthday Cake

The birthday boy owns a beautiful Audi A5 convertible and loves Haribo sweets – who doesn’t?.

His wife ordered the cake for his birthday and sent me a picture of the car.

I decided for this that I would get a toy Audi A5 so that I had a 3D model to work from.

My son was very happy about this arrangement as he got the car when I had finished with it.

These kind of 3D cakes require a lot of cutting and shaping to get the right shape.

My client needed a 12″ cake and the car is a rectangle shape about half this size.

so I provided a 12″ x 7″ cutting cake which, together with the car would be enough cake to feed her guests.

The cake itself does not sit directly on the cake board. I wanted to raise it off the board so that there was a gap between the bottom of the car and the ground – as there is when you look at a real car.

Audi Birthday Cake

This way the wheels can sit on the ground and look like they are suuporting the car.

I did this by covering a dummy which was about half an inch thick. I made it smaller than the size of the cake and covered it with black sugarpaste.

The cake then sits on a thick cake card which matched the shape of the car and this then sits on the dummy.

Audi Birthday Cake

The cake had to sit on the card because it would extend out further than the dummy underneath and with no support would just collapse.

I did a lot of the shaping fo the cake when I covered it with marzipan.

The shape has to be achieved before the suagarpaste covering goes on and marizpan shapes very well.

I covered the inside of the car first with black sugarpaste. I decided not to make the inside of the car too deep.

A deep section would have allowed for full depth seats but would have reduced the amount of cake.

Audi Birthday Cake

I wanted to get as realistic a look as possible but ultimately it is a cake and is going to be eaten.

The next thing to do was to cover the car with red sugarpaste which I did in sections.

The reason for doing it this was is that each section needed to have some detailing put on it and it takes a little while to get a really nice smooth covering.

Had I covered it in one go and then done the decoration bit the paste would be hardening by before I was finished. As sugarpaste hardens any detailing you do will create cracking on the surface and dark colours are more prone to this.

The only non edible part of the car is the windscreen. I decided on this for two reasons. The first being that by making a windscreen this was I could make it look very realistic.

Audi Birthday Cake

The second reason was that this cake had to be transported to Oxford and due to the way the windscreen leans with no support I decided that a non edible cake would be crack proof.

It is also easily removed just before scoffing the cake.

I must admit I did get a few more packets of Haribo than I needed – not the jumbo ones I hasten to add, just the tiny ones you get in kids party bags. Not that I ever raid my son’s party bags.

As I said this cake was a real challenge but I was so happy with it when I was done – and done in!


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  1. Caroline Smith

    You’ve done a really good job of this car – the wheels are great (I always seem to make the indent for the wheels too small so the tyres look funny! Got another car in April so this is the error I’m going to try to eradicate!) – any tips? I love the sweets in the boot too – great detail!

  2. Ashley

    Just wanted to sat that this cake is wonderful. You should really think about doing tutorials, paid or free. I think your work is amazing, and I would definitely pay for a tutorial like this. Awesome job, as always!!! You are really an inspiration to someone like me who is in the beginning stages of decorating. I hope I am as good as you some day!!!

  3. lynn

    Hi Amanda, hope you managed to find someone to help you after your request in your sweet cake message. I love this one, this cake is superb.
    A friend has asked me to make an AC Cobra car and i like the idea of having a mini version as a 3d model, so thanks for posting the tip.must admit it will be my most challenging cake to date and not sure if i am keen for the ensuing stress!!

    best wishes


  4. Michelle

    Hi Amanda,

    Just wanted to say a massive thank you for a fantastic cake! Everyone thought it was amazing and my husband was thrilled to bits with it. The children thought it was pretty cool too!

    Many thanks for all your patience and hard work which made it look so incredible….it tasted delicious too!

    Thanks again, Michelle

  5. ofoma

    goodday, my name is ofoma from nigeria. i do not know if you got my mail. i sent this as a backup. your cakes are lovely i say again. usually i go through a website for 20 minutes and go in somewhere else. but i have stayed on this site for 3 hours now. plz send pictures of barbie cakes and kid’s school bags and lunch boxes to my email address. THANKS

    i also do not mind receipes of your chocolate cake (very moist), that will melt once it gets into your mouth and that of your marzipan icing.

  6. christine

    Love this cake, i am making a convertible porshe and have no idea what to use for the window…what did you use ???

  7. Karen

    Wow, this cake is excellent! I’ve been asked to make an F1 racing car for a friend’s wedding and you have given me the exact information I need on how to support the car.

    Your work is superb.

    Did you use clear plastic for the windscreen and is that sugar paste on the edge? Might I ask how you got it to stay in place, I don’t see any supports.

  8. Marla

    Fantastic, Congratulalation very good Job.

    But I would like to know whats price is this cake?? Could you tell me please, if I want order one.

    thank you


  9. Nicole

    Can I get one n I need it urgently can pls contract me at 96880431 thk

  10. waz khan

    Hi,i am really amazed in how the car cake has been created, however i would like to get this particular car but in baby blue, i have tried everywhere but no hope, realising the fact its my mates birthday 14 april lol


    • Amanda Macleod

      Hi, thanks Shirley. I don’t have a plan to do a tutorial in the near future but will be doing one on making a convertible car cake topper. This will be on here on my blog.

  11. Shirley Chetty

    hi Amanda ,
    i did not see your tutorial on the racing car here

    • Amanda Macleod

      Hi Shirley, I have a tutorial for a convertible car cake topper which is on my blog x

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