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The Most Expensive Wedding Cake

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I have seen a few articles and discussions lately about very, very expensive wedding cakes, including what is reported to be the most expensive wedding cake in the world. That is a big claim so I thought I would take a look around and see for myself.

Most Expensive Cake

According to a news story on the ITV website this cake is worth £32.4 million owing to the 2000 diamonds on it. It was created by Chester Baker Tim Smith to be exhibited at the National Gay Wedding Show. I guess the number of diamonds alone is worthy of it being a fantastic cake although having looked at many of these extremely expensive cakes, the number of jewels seems to be the focus rather than the quality of the cake design.

In this case the cake is covered with exquisite diamonds and then a sash and kind of poster arrangement has been popped on wherever there is a space for it which seems a shame to me.

If the cake maker intended it to look this way then my apologies but it kind of looks like the wording was an after thought.

I am not in the habit of criticising others work as I know what goes into cakes and I am sure this will be a complete hit at the show.

I just cannot help feeling that the provision of over 2000 diamonds could have led to something completely decadent and fabulous.

Most Expensive Cakes

The royal wedding cake made for Prince William & Kate Middelton does not come anywhere near the price range of the previous cake. It is worth approximately £53,000 which is still a pretty staggering price tag. It was made by British Pastry chef Fiona Cairns.

The Mail Online reported that Fiona and her team worked on the cake for five weeks. The decoration does not feature any jewels but does have 900 sugar flowers. I know how long it takes to make sugar flowers so I can only assume that the creation of these is what makes this cake so expensive. I can imagine a very, very awkward silence in the room if I told a client that I had to make 300 or so flowers so their cake would cost £15,000. I can see though that there was more to it than flowers alone.

The stacked cake sitting next door was made by the Black Swan Luxury Bakery in Beijing and comes with a price tag of £208,000. Again no diamonds or extremely rare food item anywhere. It seems that this bakery has tapped into a desire for wealthy people to show off their status by spending exorbitant amounts of money on cakes. I hear Beijing is very nice and full of uber rich inhabitants at this time of year.

Most Expensive Dessert

This is not a wedding cake but I had to include it because it is just so perfectly beautiful. Could you eat your birthday cake if you knew the cost of £22,000? If you mix in circles where people pay £22,000 for a cake then I think you could.

Strictly speaking it is a pudding created by pastry chef Marc Guilbert and is based on a Faberge Egg. It is made with Belgian chocolate and has a champagne jelly of chocolate infused with peach, orange and whisky. Now how wonderful does that sound?

The cake is decorated with handmade flowers and gold leaf. This is my favourite ridiculously expensive cake. It absolutely oozes elegance and I want one. Perhaps I will make my own version over Easter.


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  1. Polly MacLeod

    The diamonds make it the most expensive cake but not much design or imagination has gone into it, it's very plain and dull. The Royal Wedding cake is stunningly beautiful and has the WOW factor, and I agree with Amanda about the third cake, the pudding, it looks and sounds decadant, I would love to try it!

  2. Suzanne - The Destination Wedding Site

    Hi Amanda … I totally agree with you on the “diamond cake” … what a bummer. I love the royal wedding cake … so elegant – just stunning. I still get sticker shock when I read about these type cakes LOL but hey to each their own. *SmiLes* Suzanne

    • Amanda Macleod

      I love the gold egg & chocolate dessert cake. It is so luxurious!

  3. Joanna MacLeod

    yep, I like the gold one too. I think the chocolate part looks exquisite

  4. Julie Haigh

    Love this article! How the other half live eh!? And I totally agree with your comments regarding the 'diamond cake'. Could have been so much better.

    • Amanda Macleod

      When you think about the price you would really expect something out of this world.

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