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Garden Celebration Cake

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Garden Celebration Cake

This is a variation on the garden cake which has proved to be popular. There are a lot of people who love their gardens. Planting, weeding, tidying and generally pottering.

My mum falls into this category which is very handy as we all live together and she does all of these things. I do the sitting in the garden and cutting the grass bit, oh and the telling Buster (puppy) not to vandalise the rockery plants which myself and ma planted.

Garden Celebration Cake

When I say we both did it I actually mean I helped until I could no longer stand mum telling me to “move that one over by about 1cm”! (after I had dug the hole).

I have endless patience when it comes to making 200 flowers or piping hundreds of beads but I just wouldn’t want to spend hours working in the garden.

This cake features a lady sitting on her patio with a pot of tea on the table. There is also a round pond, flower pots, shrubs and borders.

I made the shrubs and pots first so that they had plenty of time to harden.

Making the pots was pretty simple as I used blocks of sugarpaste which I made into various shapes. I then rolled some dark brown sugarpaste into small balls for the flowerpots and squashed them into shallow domes to stick onto the tops of each pot.

Garden Celebration Cake

Then I brushed these domes with edible glue and added the flowers using plunger cutters. These cutters are great because you can place your flowere exactly where you want them and stick them immediately without handling them.

I made the shrubs with different sized and shaded lumps of green sugarpaste and used various tools to create texture.

Garden Celebration Cake

I also made the parasol in advance of the cake itself. It had a wire frame which I made using brown floral wire. I then cut a circle of lilac sugarpaste with a frilled edge.

I brushed the top wires of the parasol (the bits that form the domed shape) with edible glue and draped the circle over them.

The pond was made using piping gel. I began by raising the level of the pond so that I could make a dip to put the piping gel into.

I lined the pond with blue sugarpaste so that I would not need to colour the piping gel. Although it is very easy to add paste colour.

Before adding the piping gel I made the edging stones around the pond and placed them just ovet the edge of the pond to create an overhang.

I piped the gel into the pond and nudged it up to the edges.

Garden Celebration Cake

Just back from a walk with the doggy. It is such a beautiful day today!

We have lots of fields and footpaths to walk on so we can do a different walk every day.

I made the lady last. I usually ask for a photo or description so that I can get a bit of a likeness.

Not that anyone anywhere looks like the models I make (easy to remember in a line up).

It is good to get hair colour right and find out whether the recipient is someone who has a favourite cardi or always wears jeans for example.

I love these cakes with minature versions of real things.


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  1. Emma

    Love this one Amanda, the pond and umbrella are very clever! Lovely to see you at the Young Farmers Show at the weekend. Was a good day even though our stall nearly took off several times in the wind! Hope you all enjoyed it Emma x

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