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Have Your Cake and Eat it: A guide for choosing your perfect wedding cake

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Are you newly engaged and about to set out to plan your perfect day including a beautiful cake or have you already considered hundreds of cake ideas and finding the array of information a little overwhelming?

Vintage Rose Wedding Cake

Well help is at hand. I have put together a few tips on finding that all important cake based on years of making wedding cakes and listening to what my clients are looking for in a cake maker.

You may have a very vague idea on what type of cake you want or perhaps you have had all your wedding plans in place since you were seven years old. There is a wealth of choice out there in the way of magazines, books, internet and wedding fairs and so much of this is free which is great if you want to look at hundreds of lovely cakes for inspiration.

Sailing Wedding Cake

When considering cake makers, look at the type of cakes they make. Does the company have a particular style and if so does this suit the type of look you want? Does the cake maker make bespoke cakes or have a range of ‘off the shelf’ cakes? Can they offer a variety of cakes from traditional designs to out of the ordinary?

Most cake makers will offer a consultation and sample tasting. This is a good opportunity for both you and your cake maker as you can sit down together and chat about your wedding plans, venue, themes, colour and the style of cake you want as part of your day. An experienced cake maker should be able to listen to your ideas and create a cake that is just right for you based on what you tell them.

Cake Samples

Now we come onto the tasting, yum yum! This is a service which some cake makers will charge for and some will offer free of charge. I feel that cake samples are not large and therefore I am happy to give these to potential clients. Some cake makers charge for samples and then if you place an order this cost is refunded.

Cake Stand

Many cake companies offer services such as knife and stand hire. It is a good idea prior to your meeting with your cake maker to check with your caterers or venue as to whether they provide these items as part of your agreement. If not it may be possible to hire them from your cake maker. There may be a charge for hire and a security deposit is usually required.

Dummy cakes are very useful if your party size is small but you want a large cake. They are polystyrene tiers which are decorated the same way as the rest of the cake and are impossible to spot. Great if you are having an intimate gathering but you want a seven tiered extravaganza of a cake.

Cornflower Wedding Cake

There may a be a slight reduction in cost for a dummy tier instead of an edible one although the decoration work involved is the same whether you opt for edible or fake. If you are happy with huge quantities of cake – and most of us would be – you may decide on seven delicious tiers of cake.

And talking of flavours, why not have a mix of them? If you are having three tiers for example you could go for three different flavours. That way you could serve a couple of tiers to your guests and keep your fave tier to yourself.

Wedding Venue

Ask your cake maker about the delivery and set up of your cake and whether this is included in the cost of your cake. You may find that you are charged extra or faced with collecting your own cake. When I got married the first time I had to drive from Luton to South London, collect my cake and assemble it. You don’t want to have to worry about these hassles when you should be having a champagne breakfast and pampering yourself.

Make sure you have your cake details in writing including the cake design, venue details, delivery time and set up and anything being supplied by another vendor such as flowers or cake topper. This will avoid any misunderstandings between you and your cake maker and you can look forward to your perfect cake on your perfect day!


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  1. Melanie Grigg

    Great advice! I wish I had the chance to taste my cake in advance!!!

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